Love Is Faith: Chapter 2: I Love You

Twilight saga (3)

2. I love you.


As soon as Mama Whitlock found out that Jasper had proposed, she had immediately started planning wedding. Not even giving us a say in it. She said, “I’ll have both of you married in two months, and no more.”


We just nodded and let her do her thing, knowing better to argue against her.


I was 20 when both my parents had died in a car accident 3 years ago. Since then, Jasper’s mom had been like a mother to me, and his dad like a father. Jasper’s sister, on the other hand was a different story. I have no idea what I did to her, but Rosalie has hated me since we led eyes on each other.


But I just shrugged it off. She wasn’t that big of a deal to me. A spoiled brat was hardly anything of importance to me.


Jasper and I are currently lounging in his room watching The Notebook, when Jasper starts kissing my neck. I smile, but continue watching the movie. He lets out a frustrated breath. And then, starts sucking at my neck, biting occasionally.


I groan. “Jasper.” I let out a whine. “Ryan Gosling is about to kiss her.”

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Kill For Love: Chapter 15: Chief is coming?


15. Chief is coming?

Present time


Jacob, Bella and I got to talking just like old times. It felt like the six tears never happened, like I got my life back.

“So Eddie, I need some dating advice. I rushed in here to tell Bell this when I got the heart attack of my life. There’s this girl Leah and I kinda like her. So, today I asked her to hang out and she said yes. But the problem is that this is not a date, and I can’t gather enough courage to ask her on a date. What should I do?” Jacob asked, annoying me again with ‘Eddie’. Continue reading

Kill For Love: Chapter 14: Yes? No? Maybe?


14. Yes? No? Maybe?

Present Time


When I finally woke up, I saw Edward pacing back and forth, muttering.


“Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. You just drop on a knee and propose without a warning, idiot. You’re lucky she didn’t get a heart attack—” His muttering would have continued if I had not interrupted by clearing my throat.


His eyes immediately snapped to mine and he started towards me. “Oh, Bella, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to shock you like that. I really didn’t. I’m such an idiot sometimes…”

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Kill For Love: Chapter 12: Bye Bye New York


12. Bye Bye New York

Still six years ago


After driving for two hours, I dump the cruiser, near a seedy motel. Then start to walk. I need a plan. I can’t go in my house again. They surely have surrounded it by now, expecting me. I go to a nearby phone booth and call James.

“Hello” he says in a weird accent.

“What’s with the accent? Never mind. Listen, I escaped. I need your help.”

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Love is Faith: Chapter 1: The Proposal

Twilight saga (3)


1. The Proposal

I’m sitting in a fancy restaurant with my love listening to violin and enjoying private dinner. This has so far been the most romantic dinner. I somehow know why he brought me here, why he is trying his hardest to be so romantic. This is the day. And a slow smile creeps up on my lips when he looks at me and then smiles too.

“Bella. We have been friends forever and then we became each other’s other half. But now, I want us to become whole.” He puffs out a breath. “Wow! That was corny. Ignore that. What I mean is that—” He gets up and then gets on his one knee looking at me with those tender eyes. And then—

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