Love Is Faith: Chapter 2: I Love You

Twilight saga (3)

2. I love you.


As soon as Mama Whitlock found out that Jasper had proposed, she had immediately started planning wedding. Not even giving us a say in it. She said, “I’ll have both of you married in two months, and no more.”


We just nodded and let her do her thing, knowing better to argue against her.


I was 20 when both my parents had died in a car accident 3 years ago. Since then, Jasper’s mom had been like a mother to me, and his dad like a father. Jasper’s sister, on the other hand was a different story. I have no idea what I did to her, but Rosalie has hated me since we led eyes on each other.


But I just shrugged it off. She wasn’t that big of a deal to me. A spoiled brat was hardly anything of importance to me.


Jasper and I are currently lounging in his room watching The Notebook, when Jasper starts kissing my neck. I smile, but continue watching the movie. He lets out a frustrated breath. And then, starts sucking at my neck, biting occasionally.


I groan. “Jasper.” I let out a whine. “Ryan Gosling is about to kiss her.”


He chuckles, but continues his ministrations. I finally shut of the TV and turned to him, crushing my lips to his. When his hands start to drift towards my shirt, the door knob jiggles startling us.


“Jasper…… Mom is calling you and Bella down for some more wedding shit. So get your and fiancé’s ass downstairs now.” Rosalie’s loud voice comes through the door.


Jasper sighs exasperatedly. “Seriously, Bella. The way Mom is going, you would think it’s her wedding. I mean, isn’t the bride supposed to make fuss about this shit? About the cake, the dress, even the flowers?”


I chuckle, kissing his cheek lightly. “Well, I guess you lucked out on a non-fussy bride.”


“Hmm.” He says, nuzzling my neck.


I get up and out of his arms before he could tempt me anymore.


“Come on, before your Mom comes up to drag us by our ears,”


He groans, but gets up. “I swear this is my last wedding. There’s no way in hell I’m ever getting married again.” He said, grinning mischievously.


I pinch his abdomen. “If you ever even think about someone else after we get married, I’ll die and haunt your ass. You hear me?” I say, fisting his shirt in my hands.


“Of course, darlin’” He chuckles, lightly.                


I just stare at him. He probably doesn’t realise it, but if he actually did cheat on me, it really would crush me.


When we reach Mama Whitlock, she immediately starts talking about colors and light shades and I drift off dreaming about how our wedding will be like, how jasper will look at me lovingly and excitedly when I walk down the aisle, how my smile will brighten when I reach him at the end of the aisle, our first kiss as husband and wife……


I’m dragged out of my reverie by Jasper and Mama Whitlock staring amusedly at me.


I blush immediately. “Sorry, just daydreaming, ignore me.” Jasper chuckles lightly, and then kisses my forehead softly.


Mama Whitlock stares lovingly at us. “You too are so in love…..” She trails off, shaking her head. I don’t comment on the love thing. I know Jasper noticed it too. We both know that he is not in love with me. So, we both ignore it.


“Now, Bella, tomorrow we need to go book our venue, because what I have in plan would be booked tight completely. And we do not compromise on venues, okay?” She asks, raising our eyebrows.


I just nod. As if I’d contradict her. “So, won’t Jasper be coming? I thought places like this need both bride and groom to book a date.”


She gasps. “Oh that’s right. Jasper, honey, cancel all of tomorrow’s stuff for me, okay?”


“As you wish.” He grumbles. Mama Whitlock lightly slaps his arm.


“It’s your wedding. You could be a little more enthusiastic. Don’t break the bride’s heart, now.”

She chastises.


“And I’ll be. When I see my beautiful bride walking towards me on the aisle.” He says, turning towards me and kissing me lightly on the lips.


Jasper knew exactly how to turn on his charm. Especially when Mama Whitlock was angry. And during desperate times, he even brings out his special southern accent.


Jasper’s family was originally from Texas, but for some unknown reason, Jasper’s dad thought it would teach both the kids good lesson to move to Forks, a small rainy town in Washington, where gossip spreads faster than the speed of light.


Rosalie was 6 and Jasper & I were 4, when the Whitlocks moved to Forks. And when a year later Jasper and I met at pre-school, we became best friends. Whenever the boys would tease me or annoy me, Jasper would come like a knight to rescue damsel in distress.


Rosalie and I met at Jasper’s house a week after we started school for a play date. My mom and Mama Whitlock got along like two sisters separated since birth and got busy in their own world of, well whatever it is for the moms. So, they didn’t notice the 7-year old bullying me and annoying me at every chance she got. But Jasper did. And then, again he swooped me off my feet by standing up for me against Rosalie.


I think that was the moment I fell in love with him, but I was too young to know it. 


I am brought out of my musings by Mama Whitlock. “Sweetie. Do you have plans for tonight?”


I shake my head. “Well then, you and I have some place to be. I have something very special to give you.” She says, excitedly. I just shake my head at her excitement, smiling.

Jasper took me to my favourite place after that. The art club. Every week, he would insist me to sketch and would become ‘the model’ for me.


Today he wore a military uniform, which looked really old and was sitting staring at me, well my drawing board intensely. In all this time I have been sketching him, I have never managed to do justice to his beauty. But he would look at my sketch, give me a passionate kiss and say, “This is so beautiful, Bella, and real. It feels so real.”


When after around one hour, my sketch is done, he gets up excitedly towards me and then looks at my sketch. I nibble on my lip, nervously. “Well, what do you think?”


“Bella, it’s….. Wow. I…It looks…. Is that how you see me? Do you really think I’m that beautiful?” I nod. “Oh, Bella.” He chokes up, and then crushes his lips to me. When we finally break the kiss, I see that there are tears in his eyes. “I’m so sorry, Bella. I’m….” He tales a deep breath. “I don’t deserve you. I…. I…..”


“Shhhh….. Jasper. Don’t fret your pretty little head. Because I love you. I love you and I’m not going anywhere. Okay?”


He nods and then drops a light kiss on my head, embracing me.

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